Reading fiction is a hugely popular pastime – more than half of us agree we really love it – but it isn’t as simple as just picking up a book and opening it. Everyone has their own, unique tastes and we all read for subtly different reasons. Some people delve into the pages of a novel to escape routine; some, to discover intriguing new worlds and others, just to relax and unwind. Ever asked yourself where you might fall along the spectrum of reading personalities? Wonder no more – everyone fits somewhere into these five, simple colours. Maybe you can instantly see who you are and the answer is very clear or maybe, like me, you’re a swirling mixture of two different groups…

So, it’s time to choose for yourself:

Green“Chilled Out” – Light Green

You are an indoors person who loves cuddling animals. You enjoy cooking, baking, looking after children, relaxing in the bath and reading in bed with a soft night light.

For you, books are all about unwinding at the end of the day and escaping into another world. You don’t read to discuss details with others; you read for yourself.

Orange“Wild At Heart” – Bright Orange

You’re always on the move, reading wherever you can, grabbing a coffee, a bite to eat, texting friends, meeting somewhere cool for drinks or going to a club. You like wild books that challenge your beliefs. You enjoy music as much as books and you’re creative – maybe you write a blog or even your own fiction or poetry.

Blue“Political” – Dark Blue

You’re intelligent, always thinking things out. You like following what’s happening in the world and talking to like-minded friends. You see books as a way of learning about life and people’s motivations. You might be thinking of joining a book club or already be in one, so you can discuss plots, motivations and characters in more detail and seek other people’s opinions.

Yellow“Festival Lover” – Yellow

You love people. You love the sun. You’ll do anything to get both. You enjoy the outdoors, open spaces, chatting with people, exploring new places, going on camping holidays with the kids or soaking up the atmosphere of every festival you can find. You read when you get the chance and don’t think too much about the details.

Purple“Out of the Ordinary” – Purple

You’re into being different and your book tastes are unique. You don’t let anyone tell you what to read and select fiction only based on your personal interests, not the common ground. You enjoy meeting friends at unusual places and are fun-loving, yet never run-of-the-mill. You like the weird and wonderful, contemporary art, subversive books and all things gothic or dark.


Bright Orange and Purple

In case any of you are wondering, I’m “wild at heart” and “out of the ordinary” when it comes to choosing books. Are you like me?

Everything I read has to be rule-breaking, extreme, hilariously dark or unpredictably mysterious in some way. Think Trainspotting or American Psycho. Books I’ve read more than once challenge my beliefs, make me think, push boundaries, shock a few people. If someone says a story is “feel good”, “romantic” or “perfect on a coffee table” I’m out of there faster than Batman. I want the books I read to wake me up, give me a caffeine-free buzz. In keeping with my “wild at heart” personality, I write as much as I read and my work is dark, different, edgy, unpredictable, dangerous and out of the ordinary. Horse’s Mouth is an example. I also listen to music that takes me on a journey somewhere strange and unbelievable, sometimes heavy and loud, Deftones-style, sometimes Agnes Obel soft and eerie.

So now you know your colours, you can either keep ‘em to yourself or share – leave a comment here or head over to twitter and tweet me @carlahkrueger. What’s your reading colour? Which books define you? Where and how do you read? And are you a combination of two colours, like me?

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