Did You Know, The Best Laughs Trigger More Happy Cells Than Sex?

If you want to live life to the full, be yourself and have fun regardless of those stupid numbers people call ‘age’ then these gutsy books will remind you how to access youthful energy, rediscover lost freedom and surprise a few people…


A devious, dangerous bank manager plays increasingly disturbing games with his two favourite slaves only to discover he might not really be the one in control.

Immaculate observations, hilariously dark, twisted humour that’s right up my street and a bucket-full of mad lines I’m still repeating” – Tommy, Goodreads

“Another dark, funny, slightly twisted piece of brilliance from Carla” – Phil, Amazon

Dark, funny and hard to put down” – Chris, Goodreads

Very funny, surprisingly disturbing and genuinely different to anything else I’ve read. In a good way” – JonBoy, Goodreads

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