The Best Way To Explore These Lives Is From The Safety Of Your Sofa

A man down on his luck fights for his life and for justice. A girl escapes her controlling father using nothing but a drawing. A businesswoman loses her place in life after an accident and two sex workers plot to reclaim their dignity in the face of mounting violence. Every story is a dare. Every dare means freedom. Every freedom comes at a cost.

Even the Young Can Be Warriors

warriorsBetrayed and alone, trapped like a prisoner by her bitter, angry father, one brave girl uses a surprisingly dangerous imagination to reclaim control over her life.

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Never More Than 24 Hours

never-moreFog is tantalisingly close to ending an intense battle with the inner demons that have haunted and intoxicated him for decades when new area social worker, Geoff Tallow, arrives offering help and protection – and it’s true that only Tallow has the power, authority and capacity to reignite Fog’s lost passion for life.

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This is Where You Join Me

join-meA successful business woman with everything to live for opens her eyes to the unrecognisable walls of a cold, uninhabited house with no explanation of how she got there. Her only question is: where are the voices coming from?

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Sex Media

sex-mediaTwo teenagers, lured to perform indecent tricks in a high-rise full of webcams, take justice into their own hands, but in the oppressive secret world of Sex Media, no girl has the monopoly on punishment.

A deeply immersive, at times shocking, portrayal of the global sex trade at its rawest.

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