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Meet Carla

Carla H. Krueger is ten percent angel, ninety percent rebel. Drawing from life experiences that range from the rare to the remarkable, she creates irresistibly twisted, insightful fiction featuring characters that are sublimely mysterious, outrageously funny and downright dark and manipulative. Regardless of subject, she injects empathy, courage and humour into every piece of writing and enjoys making unlikely heroes out of flawed underdogs. One thing’s for certain, there’s always somebody worth rooting for…

An only child, Carla’s guitarist father chose to disappear out of her life when she was very young. All she suspects she got from him was her lifelong passion for rock music and a raging desire for independence. She loved being out on the streets, but learned early that risk-taking has its advantages and its dangers. One night, on a local patch of disused land, she met her first cage-fighter, the lawless older brother of a local girl who fought illegally in other people’s basements for money. He would later inspire one of her most memorable characters.

“Had some crazy times as a kid. Used to sneak out every night and follow the feral crowd. We roamed the streets, carved our names in the bark of trees. Most of it was harmless fun, but it felt risky, exiting. I rode my bike like a boy, got into all sorts of traps and trouble. You had to keep your wits about you. Somehow, I instinctively knew how to escape dangerous situations, but I didn’t care what I saw – only that I saw it.”

In her teens, Carla got a taste for the alternative, devouring the best in daring art, underground music and offbeat literature. Her friends remained rebellious, but instead of playing games on the streets, they listened to bands in their bedrooms and later started meeting to discuss their passions in the cafes, bars and clubs of the subculture scene. But little did she know, life was about to change dramatically. A promising scientist, but with no real concept of her true abilities, she was shocked to receive a scholarship to university. She upped sticks and moved to London to study physics. Grasping the chance to explore the city for five years, she fed her creative appetite, saw her first Banksy, stumbled headlong into warehouse raves and ran a chaotic student bar with a now infamous reputation.

“Science is still my second love. I left uni and landed a good job, but something was missing. Writing fiction had to happen. I suppressed it long enough. There is something deeply satisfying and rewarding about being able to create something truly unique and from the heart. It can be done with science – I know mathematicians who are number poets – but I just wasn’t good enough to fly that kite. To get anywhere close to those heights, I need to make fiction.”

Carla is currently seeking professional representation for her novels, but is proud to self-publish a selection of stories that showcase her vibrant style of writing and diverse interests. To preview the books, visit her profile page at Amazon. You can also get involved @carlahkrueger.

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